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Past Life Therapy


Past Lives Therapy (PLT) is a therapeutic approach, not yet linked to Psychology nor Medicine, which is the core of the fundamental hypothesis successive rebirth, or the theory of reincarnation.

Past Lives Therapy uses a similar technique to regressive hypnosis, which aims to return in time to the earliest periods of modern life – such as childhood, birth and intrauterine life. PLT declares that human beings can lead to states of consciousness prior tophysical birth and intrauterine phase; it states that transcends the perspective of theircurrent personality. PLT derives its name from the experience of returning to past lives, aiming at the treatment of other existence, for the relief of physical and psychiatric symptoms.

Past Lives Therapy works with the assumption that many experiences originating from past incarnations may have created pro-marks deep in our psyche. These marks can have their genesis at certain times during life or at death. Amnesia after birth of the next life, our memory is veiled, but the repercussions arising from the marks left from past lives stillresonate in our being, creating many and a variety of problems, such as pain, phobias, trauma, grief, anxiety, physical and emotional symptoms.

The two mainstays of Past Lives Therapy treatment or PLT are catharsis and insight.Catharsis is the dischargeof emotional and physical energies not prepared nordigested in recent or distant past. Insight is a sudden and ineffable understanding of a great truth about ourselves, an overview of our condition, something that radically changes our perspective. Both, catharsis and insight are essential for the relief of symptoms and self-knowledge.

Past Lives Therapy is seen by many as an expanded form of regression therapy. However it goes a beyond that. PLT treats ourpast incarnate personalities; it treats our complex or subpersonalities (separated from our current self) and can also treat obsessing or possessing spirits. Some authors call these external to the client awareness of spiritual “presence”.There are many clinical evidences that many of the problems faced by human beings are strengthened and nourished by the “bad spiritual company”.


(Hugo Lapa, brasilian therapist)

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