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A man had several ambitions in your life. He want conquest many thinks, and desired to find a best way to open your opportunities. He sought a healer very famous in your country. Your goal was find a best prayer for God.

The man was to a healer´s room. She helps many people in this place. Many people find her for several problems such affective and professional life, including physical and phychic deseasses. There are several reports of healings performed by her. She was a simple old woman, with good hearth and trying help everyone.

As son as arrived in point of care, he entered in a big queue and awaited his turn. So it was his turn, he explain quickly your situacion for the healer. He ask to her a knowledge for the most efficient prayer to give up in your life, carreer and open his ways. The healer noted the big ambition for this man and their desire to find quickly a religious recipe to claim attention for the divine plan. The man ask to healer:

– My good old woman, I readed many books of pray and I consulted several religious leaders, but not yet found the correct form by pray and supplicate to God to Him for hear me. Please, guide me.

– In your life, how many times you thank your gifts, instead of only ask for what you do not yet have?

The man was surprise whit the question, and decided answer whit completely frankness.

– Never… Ever in my all life I thank a God by I have and I am. All the times which I pray, I only ask.

The healer looked at the man and whit affection and goodness her say:

– So thats the pray I give to you, and a most important: the holy pray for acknowledgment. Every time you want receive a gracefulness, acknowledgment to God for this.

Author: Hugo Lapa

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Poorness Revolt



Long time ago, there was a poor man that lived in an ancient village. This man had a brother that always came to visit him. Contrarily to him, he isn’t poor, but very rich, with some possessions, lands and jewels.

The poor man felt envy and wished to be rich like him. The brother reached part of his fortune in a game and after did correct investments, being rich and buying many proprieties.

Certain day, he was sit near a river and felt a big revolt “Why do I need to be poor and my brother can have a good and comfortable life?” he thought.

He decided to visit a master that lived in the mountains, some distance of the village. He needed to understand why exist these injustices of life and why he needed to suffer that way.

He traveled and he arrived the Master’s house. He talked to him and explained all the situation. Finally, did the question that was corrupting his soul:

– Sir, I didn’t understand this injustice of life. Why do I take this poorness life while my brother reached all this richness? Why do I need to suffer this way and he doesn’t?

The master said:

– The only difference between your suffer and his, it is in the way you suffer. But both suffer the same measure. You suffer to wish something you don’t have and he suffers to fear the lost of what he has. Both suffer equally: one for the wish of have, other for the fear of lost. This occurs many times with riches and pours.

(Hugo Lapa)

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Life Tests



In the ancient India, there was a master that took care of an Ashram. An Ashram is a place where the masters live in peace and tranquility. Commonly they take care of disciples who want the Spiritual Awake. This master had few disciples, but it was the sufficient to work in the Ashram and to supply their needs.

However, there was a disciple that was send to the outside of the Ashram to find solutions of conflicts and other complicated things. The last time was the master that ordered, to find a solution of a fight between merchants in a village.

The disciple, however, was starting to become annoyed with that situation. He didn’t understand why the master always gave him difficult tasks that exposed him to a kind of risk. During that, the other disciples always did the routine of the Ashram, some tasks lighter with no risk.

Certain day, tired of these works, he came to talk to the master, and said:

– Master, I respect your decisions, but it seems that you don’t like me. Why do you always give me the harder tasks? What do you have against me?

The master answered:

– Contrarily, if I give you harder tasks, it means that only you can realize them. And no other disciple can do that. Every time I propose a difficult task to you, you need to be happy about your capacity. The same way, God never give us a heavy cross if we can’t take it. If you are passing by these dangerous tests, God judge you able to walk throw dangerous ways. Then, enjoy this opportunity to grow up.

(Hugo Lapa from Brazil)

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Losing the Person I Love



The disciple of a great oriental master traveled a day to visit his family. He didn’t see them a year. When he arrived there, he noticed that his father was very sad. He answered him why.

The father looked at him with tears in the eyes and said that his mother and sister died two weeks ago because of a sickness. The disciple was surprised and started to cry a lot.

His mother was still young and his sister was younger than him. He couldn’t believe that thing.

He resolved to stay some days with his father, giving him some effort. After, he returned the Monastery. He kept asking: “ Why did God want that? I lost the two persons I loved more. Why do I need to pass for it?       “

After his arrival, he came to talk to the master and asked:

– Master, my mom and my sister died. Tell me please, why does God take the people we love more?

The master answered:

– God take the people we love more for we learn to love everybody, not only one or two persons. When we start to love everybody, we don’t suffer for the lost of one.

(Hugo Lapa from Brazil)

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The Other Side of Life



A disciple looked for its master and asked:

– Master, how can I know if really exist life after death?

The master looked at him and answered:

– Find me when the sun set down.

The disciple, confused, waited the answer for some hours.

When the sun set down, the came to the master. Then, the master said:

– Did you notice what happen? The sun died…

The disciple understood nothing. He judged that was a joke of the master.

– What master?! The sun didn’t die. He just set down in the horizon.

The master said:

– Exactly. The same happens with all of us afterlife. If we just trusted in our material vision, we would think that the sun didn’t exist behind the mountain. But, when it dies in the horizon for us, it appears in the other side of the World, becoming visible to other people. This principle it is the same for our soul. After our body’s death, we can’t see our soul, but it appears in the Spiritual Plan. The fire of our spirit don’t put off, it just bright in the other side of life.

(Hugo Lapa from Brazil)

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Fear of Ghosts



Once upon a time, a boy used to live alone with his mother. There was a room, but it was always locked and nobody ever entered there.

A day, with a fear that her son could enter the room and make some trick, the mother resolved to tell him some story

– Son, You can never enter that room.

– But mom, why?

– Because there is a ghost locked in this room. If you open that door and enter, it can show and walks around you.

The boy was terrified about the warning. He trusted in her and didn’t open the door.

As the time gone by, the boy thought of the locked ghost every time. He became afraid for many nights, thinking that it could get away and scare him.

He had nightmares with it. When he couldn’t sleep, he waited for its attack. This repeated for a long time, months and years. He didn’t open that door, but he felt it was with him.

Then, when he was older, he was tired with that situation. He had courage and decided to see that ghost.

– It is better to see him, this way I would know with who I am treating.

He opened the door of his bedroom and walked throw the passage felling great fear. Finally, he stayed in front of that locked door. Opened… it wasn’t lock! When it opened, he saw an empty room. He looked in everywhere and didn’t find any sign of the ghost.

Since that day, he never had another nightmare with the ghost.

Moral of the Story: Face your fear, because when you do that, the “ghost” will leave you alone.

(Hugo Lapa from Brazil)

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The Religious Leader



A religious leader had a long life of teaching. He was very admired by his speeches. He spoke with crowds and charmed his listeners, because he had a perfect oratory.

There was an older humble man, who was always in his presentations. He always treated to note everything, detailing the most important things. The religious leader looked at the man, always in the first files, and he thought “I wish I could teach him something useful. He seems to need a lot”.

One day, he was crossing the street and was stroked by a car. He didn’t resist and died. When he arrived the Spiritual Plan, he noticed that the atmosphere was very heavy, dense. Everything seemed to dark. He listened desperate screams and people groaning. He was afraid with that horrible place. He resolved to pray asking some help.

That moment, two men came near him. Both had light around them, what shows, in the Spiritual Plan, certain moral evolution, good character and good intention. A man, with angelical aspect brought him, and the religious asked:

– Where I am?

– You came to a Inferior Zone, answered.

After this response, the religious leader looked at the second man and noticed that he was the old man of his speeches. Then, the religious asked:

– Did you also die?

– Yeah, some weeks before you.

Then, you should had come to a Inferior Zone.

– No, I went to a Superior Zone, much lighter. Where love, goodness and knowledge exist.

The religious lead became surprised. He turned to the angelical man and said:

– One moment. It might have one problem here. This sir was always in my presentations, learning with me. How could he stay in a Celeste Region and me in this Hell Zone?

The angelical man answered:

– Simple, when you teach a lesson, he noted everything and got some effort to practice it. He refined his character and his virtues, all of yours. But you… You had pretty lessons, but didn’t practice them.

(Hugo Lapa from Brazil)

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